Manpower Agency in Mumbai

Swaidan manpower consultant is a leading manpower consultancy that recruits candidates from India, Nepal and Bangladesh and employs them in overseas companies. The main focus area for employment is the Gulf countries. The manpower consultancy in Mumbai is approved by the Ministry of Labour, Government of India. We search and find qualified and skilled manpower who can meet the expectation of overseas employers. Our motto is to help both candidates and overseas employers. The candidates can make a rewarding career and the employers get worthy individuals who can perform well in their companies.

Before starting to recruit we talk with our clients to understand their needs and requirements. We provide clients with customized and all-inclusive solutions. Our team of experts carries out activities of sourcing, testing, interviewing, assessing and recruiting candidates. We try to meet the needs of the clients with our list of abled candidates. Our manpower consultancy in Mumbai sources the right candidates as per the requirements and provides skilled candidates to global companies. We recruit the right candidates depending on the job specifications.

As we recruit candidates for overseas companies we take care of the visa process, emigration assistance, ticketing, documentation and more. We use state-of-the-art facilities and advanced communication methods to find the perfect candidates for a particular overseas requirement. We help candidates by offering them career opportunities and showing them the path to success. We have been offering end-to-end HR solutions for the past 3 decades and have gained experience and knowledge.

We have been providing our clients as well as the candidates unravelled services. We try to understand the requirements of the clients and the candidates. Every candidate is validated through a rigorous documentation process and we work with quality requirements and quality candidates only. Our consultancy in Mumbai is considered to be a reliable recruitment solution in India.

What is a recruiting agency

Businesses need to recruit qualified persons in every position to be effective. Hiring the right talent helps businesses to grow and succeed. Finding the right candidate requires time and there can be uncertainties. Recruiting agencies in Mumbai can provide businesses with solutions for finding the right candidates. The agencies act as an intermediary between job seekers and employers. In the dynamic job market, skilled professionals are in demand and recruiters use effective strategies to find the right candidates. Depending on the job market agencies use strategies to hire the best talent. There is a need for a reliable recruitment agency that can hire qualified candidates.

Services we offer

We can recruit candidates for various positions available in the different industrial sectors overseas. We hire candidates for contract, permanent and temporary positions. We offer services like recruitment, HR solutions and counseling. As manpower consultants in Mumbai, we can handle the recruitment process for our clients, if they urgently need to fill any positions or they need to fill specialist positions. We assess the needs of our clients and the job requirements thoroughly before we start to source suitable candidates. We help our clients find the right candidates as we carry out the process of sourcing, screening, interviewing and selection.

As we place candidates overseas we help them out with emigration and visa processing. We are a manpower company that helps candidates get Employment, Tourist, Business, Residence and Travel visas. We help the candidates with the documents required and offer translation of various documents in the required languages. We offer documentation and attestation services. We help the candidate with the travel documents, ticketing and hotel booking. We offer complete overseas travel solutions along with holiday packages. We make sure that the candidates feel comfortable traveling to other counties for their placements. We also offer local attestation like Notary, GAD, APOSTILLE, MEA and guidance from HRD.

Manpower Consultants and Services Mumbai

We provide effective, efficient and reliable manpower services and businesses in Mumbai rely upon us for their staffing needs or HR solutions and design. We provide quick, quality and professional manpower recruiting services. We are a common point between job seekers and employers. We are a trusted and renowned recruitment agency that has experience in providing recruitment solutions that businesses look for.

We offer assurance of quality services to our clients and provide manpower services that can add value. We pay attention to the specific needs of the client while recruiting candidates. We have a wide recruitment network and our experienced recruiters are dedicated to providing professional services. We provide timely service delivery and post-service assistance and support. We offer our clients the flexibility in choosing the services as per their business requirements. We allow our clients to be part of discussions and decisions made. We offer our clients quality and timely services and many more benefits.

We provide services like recruiting, counseling and HR recruitment. As we place candidates in overseas companies we provide the required visa processing services, emigration assistance, documentation, travel insurance, translation of documents and attestations from different embassies. We have experience in handling different types of visas like Business visas, Family visits, Visit visas, Residence visas and Tourist visas. We help out clients understand the documents required and how to arrange for them. We also tell them about the culture and the DOs and the DONTs of the visiting country.

We aim to connect employers in the world with a quality workforce. We have a dedicated team to perform this task by assessing the requirements of the employers and deciding how best the requirements can be fulfilled. We exploit all our sources and search and find the candidates. We counsel the candidates and make the recruitment process easy for them. We help overcome the fear and the burden of travelling to another country.

Once the candidates are recruited we help them out with the documents required and also offer translation, documentation and attestation services. Our sister concern has linguistic experts who can help to translate the documents into the language required which is a must for documentation purposes. We also provide attestations of education certificates, birth, death, bonafide, polio, marriage and more. We offer local attestation services like NOTARY, GAD, APOSTILLE and the guidance of HRD.

We offer overseas travel solutions and take care of ticket bookings, hotel bookings and holiday packages.

International Recruitment Company Mumbai: Our Recruitment Process

We can provide the right employees, skilled employees and IT professionals for overseas companies. Our team of experts makes sure that the right candidates are selected. We use our experience in the industry to select the best candidates.

We use several methods to source the candidates. We have tie-ups with the rural areas and we also recruit candidates for the rural sector.

We conduct selection tests on behalf of our clients to help them find suitable candidates. We conduct interviews with the client’s representative to find top talent.

We help the selected candidates with visa and emigration processing. We plan the travel for the selected candidates and book tickets and hotels. We handle everything that a selected candidate may require.

Manpower Recruitment & HR Solutions Mumbai

We offer HR solutions and help our clients with their manpower and recruitment needs. We can help to find the ideal candidates for the various positions. We recruit candidates for overseas companies and we can provide our clients with employees and skilled employees. We help candidates achieve their career goals.

We provide world-class services to our clients day in and day out. We are always there when our clients need our services and we never leave the client in a lurch. We are ready to help our clients in a moment of need. We are a reliable manpower recruitment service and are available round the clock.

Based on our experience in the industry we can develop a client satisfaction program. This has helped us achieve success with our clients. We provide the best career opportunities to the candidates and we hire the top talent on behalf of the employers. We also provide candidates for IT projects. Just tell us what you are looking for and we will help you out.

To help our clients achieve their goals it is important to recruit the right talent. Our Talent Management program aims to accurately and efficiently define hiring and recruiting technologies. It helps us in our core business activity of recruiting the right candidates for the right job. It is about hiring the right candidates for the client and meeting the needs.

Our program helps us to develop candidate potential, improve their communication skills and boost their spirits. The candidates do not buckle under pressure regardless of the job they are placed in. Candidates are evaluated carefully and we try to lay a foundation that can help our clients to invest smartly in the workforce.

In our Specialist Recruitment program, our staff of professionals is given extensive industry knowledge. This helps them immensely and the candidates can perform well. The success of our program can be measured by the fact that our clients are 100% satisfied with the performance of our professionals.

We work to understand the needs of the clients before recruiting any candidates. We work with this understanding and find the ideal candidates. We research and analyse to form insights into our field of activity. This helps us to build a proprietary working methodology that can provide the best results.

We follow a target-driven recruitment approach to hire top talent. We have efficient communication skills, good IT and social media skills and effective time management skills.

What to expect from Swaidan Manpower Agency in Mumbai?

We offer manpower for diverse industries and our experts make sure that the recruiting process goes on seamlessly. We follow a strict process for selecting candidates and our team shows unparalleled strength while recruiting candidates for specialised zones. We maintain a huge database of skilled and potential candidates. We continuously improve our recruitment procedures and practices to help companies minimise their employee turnover. We recruit candidates depending on the job specification provided by the clients. We use several methods to source candidates for job placements. We have a state-of-the-art office in a prime location in Mumbai. We use modern communication technologies to stay in touch with our clients. We coordinate with them and provide them with daily or weekly progress reports. We recruit manpower for overseas companies and our main focus is on the Gulf countries. We place candidates overseas and we give them all the support services required. Some of our valuable services are as follows:

  • We conduct selection tests on behalf of the companies and help them find suitable candidates.
  • We arrange for interview sessions and offer assistance to the representative of the clients to find the right candidates.
  • We help the selected candidate with visa processing, emigration, attestations and more. Our team helps them out with the paperwork, documentation and more. There is no need to worry.
  • Our team plans the travel work for the selected candidates. They book the flight tickets and hotel and make any other arrangements required. Everything is handled by us for the selected candidates.

We put special emphasis on the requirements of our clients and comply with the details of the job to hire candidates. The selection of the candidates is based on the experience we have in the industry. Due to these features, our manpower agency is one of the best-recruiting agencies in Mumbai.

Why should you choose us as your Mumbai manpower recruitment agency in Mumbai?

We have been in the industry for the past 30 years and this helps to find the right candidates for a particular job profile. We help the employers find the best candidates for their positions and the candidates to make a career. We offer a win-win situation for the employers and the candidates seeking jobs.

We offer the client’s a impressive list of candidates who meet the job criteria. To achieve this we first understand the job requirements like the nature of activities, the day the candidate has to be present, the duration of the work, the position, hours of work, experience, pay and other benefits.

We use a customer-centric approach and this makes us stand out from our competitors. We offer manpower to various industries located overseas. We hire the best candidates on behalf of the clients.

Areas of operation by our recruitment consultants in Mumbai

We follow a customer-centric recruitment process that makes us stand ahead of our competitors. We hire candidates who can use their skills and make employers flourish. We have been offering manpower recruiting services for the past 30 years and this has given us insights into matching the candidate profiles where they fit the best. We help the candidates to focus on growth and thei company to focus on profits. This creates a win-win situation.

We offer manpower to diverse industries and there are various career opportunities for the candidates to show their skills. Our team can solve all the intricacies related to HR so that your focus is on business only.

We currently recruit manpower for industries like oil and gas, plastic, mobile, telecom, electronics, finance and banking, medical, nursing and hospital, hotel and hospitality, security, retail, FMCG, production and manufacturing, refineries, power plant, maintenance, transport and air conditioning, elevators, shipping repairs and infrastructure.

We use several sourcing methods to find candidates with a high calibre. We also have tie-ups with rural areas and we source candidates for the categories available to the rural sectors. We clearly understand the job specification before hiring any candidates. We source and recruit qualified candidates. We use our vast professional knowledge while recruiting and sourcing the right candidate.

We provide temporary, permanent and contract-based hiring. We can hire candidates for all positions at all levels in a company. We recruit on behalf of overseas companies and make sure that the most deserving candidates are selected. We hire candidates for multinational companies in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Dubai and Europe.

We have the required skills to handle the recruitment of candidates in various industries. We also offer CV-sourcing services to many companies in the Middle East. We are the most recommended and reliable recruitment consultants in Mumbai.

Reach us, right away – your recruitment consultants in Mumbai

Step into our office and you will come across state-of-the-art facilities, workaholic staff, and advanced communication methods used to help candidates and overseas corporations in finding a match. Come to us, talk to our recruitment consultants in Mumbai, and we shall help you in every possible way. Very soon, you will witness a great turning point in your life!

Call us anytime at 0091-22-68327194 or just email us your requirements at We shall be happy to serve you!

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the best manpower consultancy in Mumbai is the Swaidan manpower consultancy. It employs skilled candidates for global companies. It recruits candidates from India, Nepal, Bangladesh and other countries. Currently, its market focus is on Gulf countries. The consultancy is approved by the Ministry of Labour, Government of India. It recruits and sends the right candidates to overseas companies to work. The company helps the candidates with visa processing, emigration process, tickets, documentation and more.

Swaidan is one of the best manpower consultancy in Mumbai. It searches, finds and interviews candidates from India, Nepal, Bangladesh and other countries. It recruits them for big companies in other countries. It caters to the needs of these companies and helps them to fill their positions with a quality workforce. The consultancy takes care of the visas, emigration process, documentation, attestation and more. It has offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow and Nepal.

A manpower consultancy recruits skilled people on the behalf of companies. To cater to the needs of the companies the consultancies search, find, interview and test candidates before recruiting. Swaidan is a manpower consultancy that hires candidates from different countries and provides job placements. It has offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow and Nepal to source candidates. Its main focus is to place candidates in the Gulf countries.

A manpower consultancy will charge the candidates by a percentage of the first salary once they are recruited. Swaidan is a manpower consultancy that recruits quality manpower for companies globally. It focuses on sectors like oil and gas, mobile and telecom, electrical, electronics, finance and banking, medical-hospital and nursing and more. The consultancy matches the candidate profiles with the job where they best fit.

Swaidan is a manpower consultancy that recruits candidates for companies. Its top skills are that it conducts a selection test to identify suitable candidates for the job. It offers interview sessions and works with the representatives of the companies to find the right candidates. As it places candidates outside the country it takes care of the visa process, emigration process, tickets and more.

A manpower consultancy in Mumbai recruits candidates for various positions in overseas companies. It acts as an intermediary between the companies and the job seekers. It follows the processes of sourcing, screening, interviews and final selection. As the agency places candidates in overseas companies it also helps with the emigration and visa processing and ticket and hotel booking.

We recruit manpower for different industries like oil and gas, engineering and construction, polymers and plastics, banking and finance, electrical and electronics, telecom and mobile, hotel, hospitality and catering, security and facility management, medical, hospital and nursing, painting, infrastructure, piping and fabrication, manufacturing and production, power plants, retail, transport and maintenance, HVAC and air conditioners, elevators, shipping and dairy and FMCG.

We source candidates through different methods and use a strict selection process to find the best candidates. We screen the candidates and schedule interviews. We select the best candidates as per the job specifications.

We understand the job requirements thoroughly and provide candidates for all levels in a company. We follow a target-driven recruitment approach to hire the best candidates. We have the expertise to test and select the best candidates for a specific job.