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Swaidan Manpower Consultants, is one of the leading, experienced, and pioneers recruiting agency that is serving the industry for the past 30 years. We are an Indian based company, and our wings are spread across Nepal too, where there is a good volume of skilled employees ready to work in various industries. Our company works with an objective to offer utmost satisfaction to the individuals and the overseas corporations. Since all the years in the industry, we are acting as catalyst to bring the career sponsors and career seekers on the same platform. There is a vast manpower in Nepal, and we work through the entire process in selecting semi-skilled and skilled people to cater to the needs of different industries.

Professionalism team up with hard work will offer our candidates and employers to achieve success, and that makes us one of the most trustworthy recruitment agencies Nepal and in India. Our company provides prime responsibility towards the efficient working environment of the industry. Our team of professionals thrive to offer you motivation and energy for the following:

  • Delivering the best possible service
  • Maintaining a positive environment for the candidates and organizations which is satisfying and healthy
  • Encouraging personal development
  • Bridging the gap between various global boundaries and uniting the people through working platform.

Our recruitment process for manpower services Nepal

Our manpower agency in Nepal involves a challenging approach that requires insight of the industry to target the best people from different places of India, Nepal, and Bangladesh to global corporations, especially in the gulf countries. Our recruitment services include professional staffing, labour supply and hunting, and outsourcing through our committed team of professionals. We stand at the top in every Nepal manpower agency list for our proficiency in the field. Some of the services we offer are:

  • HR counseling and recruitment: The motto of our company is to connect the candidates with the employers. Therefore, we have a committed team that will understand the requirements of the clients to cater to their needs. We will counsel the individuals to understand their needs as well, and make sure they are fit where they are deserved.
  • .Emigration and visas: Our team has exclusive experience in taking care of different visa needs, be it business visa, family visa, tourist visa, residence visa, or visit visa. We will complete all the arrangements and make sure that the visa is handed over to you without any complexities.
  • Documentations and attestations: Our manpower services Nepal also comprises of linguistic professionals who will help candidates and organizations in meeting their end points. Whether it is creating certifications of attestations, everything will be done by our professional team.
  • Hotel and ticketing: We have a separate department who will take care of the travel solutions for candidates with respect to holiday packages, hotel and flight tickets. As we perform everything from start to finish, we are a reliable manpower agency in Nepalfor Nepalis and Indians.

Our manpower consultancy Nepal offers guarantee

With a maintained and updated database, our team will guarantee the overseas organizations a list of ideal professionals. We will perform planning the recruitment process to interviewing the candidates on the behalf of companies, selecting and also hiring the candidates, and will also make sure that every responsibility in the process is fulfilled by our selected manpower in Nepal. Our proficient team understands the need of specialized and efficient staff in every company, and we invest our resources in catering the needs.

Reach out to our manpower consultancy Nepal anytime and find solutions to your needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the best manpower consultancies in Nepal is Swaidan, it is an Indian-based company. It has been serving in the industry for the past 30 years and recruits semi-skilled and skilled manpower for companies overseas. It mainly recruits manpower for the Gulf countries. It schedules interviews and recruits the right candidates on behalf of the companies.

One of the best manpower consultancies in Nepal is Swaidan. It recruits quality manpower for the companies overseas. You can approach the consultancy with your requirements and you will be provided with the best options available. It offers services like professional staffing and labour supply and outsourcing. It helps the companies to find ideal candidates for their positions.

A manpower consultancy recruits people on behalf of the companies. Swaidan is one such consultancy and recruits manpower for overseas companies especially in the Gulf region. It has offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow and Nepal. It follows strict recruitment procedures to find the right candidates for the companies. It offers job placement outside the countries therefore it helps the candidates out with the visa process, emigrations, ticketing and accommodation.

A manpower consultancy usually charges a percent of the salary of the new hire. One of the manpower consultancies is Swaidan and it provides HR consulting and recruitment. It offers job placements outside the country. The consultancy follows through recruitmentment procedures to find the right candidates for the job. It offers services like emigration and visa processing, documentation and other paperwork.

Swaidan is a leading manpower consultancy and its three top skills are professionalism, hard work and delivering the best services. It maintains a positive environment for both the companies and the candidates to find the best candidates for a job. It is listed at the top in the Nepal manpower agency list. Its team of professionals helps to provide a specialised and efficient staff to the companies.