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Why choose Swaidan for manpower services in India?

Swaidan Manpower Consultancy, India is a manpower company that aims to offer impactful and reliable solutions to companies and individuals and sustain the competition in the industry. Our service helps companies to adapt to the rapidly changing environment by connecting people from different parts of the world. Every year, we help companies by providing HR solutions that meet their requirements. At the same time, we assure the potential candidates job placement they deserve. We have been offering service for the past 30 years and our manpower agency in India is known to be a reliable, competent and comprehensive recruitment company.

We are called the leading manpower agency in India, Manpower agency in Nepal, manpower agency in Bangladesh for overseas. We put in our best effort to fulfil the requirements of the companies and their desires for the best candidates.

We are the leading recruitment agency in Asia and provide HR solutions to employers worldwide. We offer quality service to companies as well as potential candidates. We understand the needs of the clients and then employ qualified candidates. We help the candidates to make a rewarding career in their field.

We follow a rigorous documentation process to evaluate every candidate and the client's requirements. Based on our professional knowledge, we ensure that we work for quality requirements and provide quality candidates.

We regularly update our recruitment process and procedures to help companies minimise their employee turnover. We follow several methods for sourcing the right candidates, depending on the specifications provided by the client. We help our clients to find high-caliber candidates for their posts.

Our team is trained to provide effective HR services and cater to every recruitment need. They can help companies find the right candidates for all the vacant posts. Our team is trained to handle all the procedures of manpower recruiting like screening, sourcing, scheduling interviews and selecting the candidates.

We have experts who can handle the documentation, visa process, local administrative formalities and the travel rules of the different countries. We prioritise mobilising the hired candidates to help reduce the waiting period for the employer. We help our clients find the best candidates.

Currently, we recruit manpower for the following industries situated overseas:

Oil and gas, polymer and plastics, electronics, construction, engineering, mobile and telecom, finance and banking, hospital and nursing, infrastructure, hotels and hospitality, painting, security management, retail, production and manufacturing, piping and fabrication, transport, maintenance, FMCG and dairy, elevators and shipping and ship repairs.

How do we work as a comprehensive manpower agency in India?

Swaidan Manpower consultancy is known as a specialist in manpower recruitment. Our efforts have made us pioneers in the industry. We have offices in different cities in India like Mumbai, Lucknow and Delhi. We also have offices in Nepal and Bangladesh and other countries. We provide a guarantee to value your career options and ensure you go into the right hands.

We offer services like counselling, consulting, visa processing, emigration assistance, documentation, translation of documents, travel insurance, and attestations for different embassies. We take care of all the requirements of the candidates like ticketing and hotel booking. We handle different types of visas like Business, Visit, Family, Residence, and Tourist visas.

Swaidan Manpower Consultancy is a comprehensive recruiting agency in India and works as follows:

  • We follow a unique approach concerning staffing. Our methodology makes our agency outstanding and we make sure that the companies and the clients are both satisfied with our services. We try to understand the temporary and permanent requirements of the companies and match them with the skills of the candidates that are listed with us. We follow the selection procedures that act as a bridge between the companies and the candidates and offer excellent results.

  • We are a dedicated manpower recruiting agency and follow the right placement strategy which helps to channelise the human potential and make rewarding careers. We support the candidates to get placed in the best companies in the world and fulfill their dreams and ambitions. We also see the temporary and permanent vacancies at global companies and help them find the candidates that will benefit their business and take them to new heights.

  • We have been offering manpower services in India for the past 3 decades and through our journey, we have gathered the experience and the expertise. This helps us to perform our work in the best possible way. Our human resource team uses a progressive approach, virtuousness and global expertise while matching candidate profiles with the client's needs.

We aim to find a quality workforce for our clients and we connect to all our resources and find and counsel the candidates. We help to make the recruiting process easy and help the candidates to overcome the fear and the burden of working in another country. We focus on the expectations of our clients and strictly follow the details of the job requirements while recruiting. We are dedicated to ‘successful recruitment’.

Frequently Asked Questions

A manpower consultancy offers HR solutions to companies. It searches for and interviews applicants for job placement. The consultancy understands the requirements of the companies and provides quality candidates. The candidates are screened and have to go through a selection process. One such company is Swaidan which focuses on industries like engineering, construction, oil and gas, banking and finance, hospitality, restaurant, Hotels, hospitals, Medical and more.

A manpower agency understands the HR requirements of companies and provides them with the right candidates. They help companies to fill their positions with a quality workforce. Swaidan is a manpower agency, it searches for the right candidates and interviews them. It provides job placements in overseas companies. The agency handles the visa and other documents of the candidates for job placement in other countries.

It Depends on the client’s (company) requirements the Recruitment agencies charges to the Candidate a one-time fee or the clients(company) whichever suits the company policy and terms which is usually a percentage of the recruit’s salary. If you are looking to work out of the country then the recruitment agency will charge for handling your visa and other documents. Swaidan is a recruitment agency that offers HR solutions worldwide. The agency helps the candidates to arrange for the required documents.

When you approach a recruiting agency for job placement, the agency will charge a fee if you are recruited. It is usually some percentage of the first salary of the candidate. Swaidan is a recruiting agency that offers HR solutions worldwide. It selects, recruits and sends quality workforce overseas. It has offices in Delhi, Lucknow, Mumbai ,Nepal ,Bangladesh ,Philippines and other Asian sub-continent.

A manpower agency performs activities like sourcing, interviewing, testing, assessing, processing visas, degree or diploma certificates attestations from the embassies and consulates and recruiting candidates for job placements. Swaidan is one such agency, it selects, tests and interviews potential candidates for job placement. It helps companies to find the right candidates to fill their positions. It provides a quality workforce overseas and helps the candidates out with visas, required documents, ticketing, hotel arrangements and more.

Manpower is the supply of people who can work. A recruiting agency helps companies to find the manpower for their positions. Swaidan is a recruiting agency that has expertise in recruiting, employment assistance, job placements and e-staffing solutions. It provides quality manpower to companies worldwide. It offers services like visa processing, emigration assistance, documentation, translation of documents, travel insurance and attestations.

A recruiting agency helps to find manpower for companies. Recruitment is the process of seeking, finding and hiring candidates for a job. Swaidan is a recruiting agency that recruits candidates from India, Nepal, Bangladesh and other countries. It places them among the best companies in the world. It focuses on industries like oil and gas, polymer and plastics, electronics, construction, engineering, mobile and telecom, finance and banking, hospital and nursing, hotels and restaurants production and manufacturing and more.

Swaidan is a recruitment agency where you can visit their recruitment office and talk to them. They will help you find a job placement based on your expertise and experience. You can even call them or send your requirements via email. The agency has expertise in recruitment, job placements and e-staffing and offers solutions to overseas companies.

Recruitment agencies search and find a quality workforce that is employed in various companies. The agencies select, interview and test the candidates before employing them. Candidates can come with their requirements to the agencies and wait for the right placement. The agencies help them out with the CV and other requirements. Swaidan is a recruiting agency that places candidates overseas. It helps them out with the documents required, visa processing, emigration process, tickets and more.

Swaidan HR serves industries like oil and gas, engineering and construction, polymer and plastic, banking and finance,restaurants, telecom and mobile, electrical and electronics, medical - hospital nursing, security and facility management, hotels - hospitality and catering, painting - anticorrosive and coating, infrastructure, power plant and refineries, piping - fabrication and structures, manufacturing and production, retail, transport, maintenance, HVAC and air conditioning, shipping and ship repairs, elevators and dairy and FMCG.

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