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Swaidan Manpower Consultants is one of the leading companies in India today, offering professional delivery of skilled candidates to the global corporations. Since 30 years, we have been making a distinguishing reflection of ourselves in offering comprehensive and integrated placements over different verticals. At present, a wide range of market expertise is focused on gulf countries, and so we try hard to cater to the needs of those corporations with our list of proficient candidates. Our manpower agency Mumbai is approved by the Ministry of Labour, Government of India, and we make sure we pick, recruit, and send only worthy individuals who can meet the expectations of the overseas employers.

Our team of professionals are in constant engagement with the overseas clients to understand their needs, so that we provide them customised and all-inclusive solutions. Our motto as one of the reliable manpower consultants in Mumbai. is to fulfil the expectations of both, the employer and the employee. We have a team of experienced specialists who take care of activities such as sourcing, interviewing, testing, assessing, and recruiting the candidates. In addition, our company has a network of associated officers which are located at different places such as Lucknow, Delhi, Mumbai, and Nepal – to source manpower and show them the right pathway to success.

What to expect from Swaidan Manpower Agency in Mumbai?

We understand the diversity of various segments, therefore our experts will draw from a huge panel of disciplines to make sure that the process proceeds in a seamless way. Our professionals will offer unparalleled strength while hiring people for the specialised zones, keeping in mind about the strict process of selection. We maintain a huge database that includes the details of skilled and potential candidates. Some of the valuable aspects we offer are:

  • Selection test is conducted on the behalf of corporations to identify the suitable candidates for the job.
  • Arranging the interview sessions, offering assistance to the representatives of clients, and working with them to find right individuals.
  • We will arrange the visas and other documentations for our selected candidates too. The entire paper work is done by our team; hence there is no need to worry at all.
  • Our team will plan the travel work for the candidates too. Ticketing, hotel plans, and other arrangements, everything will be done by us.

All the above-mentioned features of our company make us one of the best recruitment agencies in Mumbai.

Areas of operation by our recruitment consultants in Mumbai

Some of the industries in overseas for which we search for skilled candidates include construction industry, engineering, oil and gas industry, plastic industry, mobile and telecom corporation, electronics industry, finance and banking administration, medical, nursing, and hospital, hotel and hospitality industry, security management, infrastructure corporation, retail and FMCG industry, production and manufacturing factories, refineries and power plants, maintenance area, transport and air-conditioning zone, elevator, and shipping repairs.

Our manpower consultants in Mumbai serve the above-mentioned industries, which mean there are lots of career opportunities for the individuals where they can use their skills and help employers to flourish. Our customer-centric recruitment process makes us stand ahead of our competitors. Working in the industry for 3 decades has given us an insight of matching the candidate’s profiles to the jobs where they deem fit. Our expert team will solve all the intricacies related to the human resources so that your focus is on the business only. And that’s why our manpower consultancy in Mumbai is considered to be the most recommended and reliable recruitment solution company in India. To be clear, we will help candidates focus on growth and organizations to concentrate on profits. That’s a win-win situation, right?

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Step into our office and you will come across state-of-the-art facilities, workaholic staff, and advanced communication methods used to help candidates and overseas corporations in finding a match. Come to us, talk to our recruitment consultants in Mumbai, and we shall help you in every possible way. Very soon, you will witness a great turning point in your life!

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